Practice Areas

Personal Therapy

One-on-one therapy is effective for many purposes; from reducing painful feelings of depression and anxiety to creating a rewarding life plan.

You may be struggling to find a relationship or trying to solve dilemmas in a current one. Divorce, bereavement or the loss of a key relationship may have left you feeling empty or despairing. You may have experienced a decline of interest in a previously exciting leisure pursuit and wish to re-capture your earlier excitement - and perhaps your keen edge.

Individual therapy is a sensible way to begin any inner work. I strive for a personal connection with you from the beginning by engaging warmly and attentively with you and listening carefully to your words and experiences.

Couple / Partner Therapy

Nearly all intimate committed relationships encounter challenges from time to time. Usually couples find it difficult to step outside of their personal hurts and frustrations long enough to look at or change dysfunctional patterns. I focus on understanding each partner, to ask clarifying questions which suggest alternate viewpoints. I highlight patterns, both dysfunctional and successful.

I teach direct loving communication and caring, coupled with conflict management and resolution.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is most effective when all members of the family attend, but can be useful when a member excepts them self. It is dynamic, personal, and focused in the present - meaning in the therapy room!

I am a family therapist who brings my whole self to meet and connect with every family member, because each member has a valid view of family dynamics, which I solicit.

I employ strategic techniques to disrupt the frozen family system so the family can re-organize itself.

My role in family therapy is as a humorous, challenging facilitator; not "know it all" protector of the status quo.