About Dr. Bob Miller

PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Relationship Based Therapy

I am a dynamic, involved, and encouraging therapist who enjoys working with men and women, who are skeptical about or resistant to therapy. I’ve learned that an engaged relationship between client and therapist is the essential tool of therapeutic growth.

For over 25 years, I’ve committed myself to providing relationship based therapy to individuals, couples and families in Florida, Chicago and Seattle. Follow-up and feedback confirm my effectiveness.

My experience includes work in both public and private healthcare in mental health and substance abuse with persons of diverse races and ethnicities.

I am a Washington State licensed clinical Psychologist with a PhD and Master's Degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee Florida. I have been a member of the National Register of Health Services Providers in Psychology since 1977.

I grew up on the east coast near Boston, where I learned to love the ocean. During my childhood, I spent many hours happily fishing, clamming, and boating, developing a lifelong connection to salt water and the coastal marshes.

In Florida and Chicago, I continued to sail, increasing my joy at spending time on the water and in the elements. Today, I kayak with my sons and commute to work daily on my bicycle. I've learned that regular exercise and exposure to the outdoors enrich my life and enhance my joy in living.

I am a therapist who practices what I preach, including regular sessions with my own therapist. I truly love this work.